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The Mangalam Management Studies of the Mangalam College of Engineering aims to redefine management education which will be appealing to the students apropos the professional circles, open to the industry and attached to the people at large. The department will adequately cater to the management needs of the fast-growing state of Kerala in the industrial, agricultural and service sectors.
At the same time, it will also facilitate the emergence of India as a developed nation by carving a niche of its own by making significant contributions in the specific areas of teaching, research and publication.


MBA programme will be structured on credit based system following the trimester pattern with continuous evaluation. Duration for the MBA programme will normally be 6 (six) trimesters. Maximum duration is 9 (nine) trimesters. Each trimester shall have 55 instruction days; i.e. 11 weeks of instruction. .

The general course structure of MBA programme will be as given below:

  • Core courses
  • Specialization Electives
  • Project work

A Student can opt for specialization in the second year as per rules framed for this by the Academic Board for Management Programme (ABM).

Master of Business Administration Regulations

The curriculum of MBA programme is designed to have a total of 115 credits for the award of the degree. Curriculum for the first three trimesters will be common for all specializations of the MBA programme.

Credit Assignment

Three (3) credits for each of the 23 courses in the core segment, each of which having four hours of instructions per week

Three (3) credits for each of the 10 elective courses of specialization, having four hours of instructions per week. The elective courses will be offered based on students’ options, subject to the condition that the number of students opting for an elective course should be at least 10 or 15% of the total students admitted to the programme, whichever is higher. The specialization areas offered are Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Systems and Operations.

Three (3) credits for soft-skill course spread over the first three trimesters, with internal evaluation in the first two trimesters and an exam in the third trimester for grading.

A two-month summer internship in an organization in between the third and fourth trimesters is part of the programme with three (3) credits. The credit is accounted in the sixth trimester.

Four (4) credits for a project carried out in an area of specialization during the fifth trimester

Six (6) credits for a comprehensive project which will be organization based to be completed during the sixth trimester. Evaluation of the project will be based on a report, presentation and viva-voce.

Credits are apportioned among knowledge segments in the core areas and elective courses that are approved by the Academic Board for Management Programme (ABM) constituted by Kerala Technological University.

Self-selected projects for all Courses will form part of the internal evaluation process.

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