About Mangalam Group

Being a Charitable Organization, Mangalam Group of Concerns mainly, at very outset, focused on publication and literacy mission that has subsequently led to the formation of three Charitable Societies, such as Mangalam Foundation, Mangalam Educational Societiy and Mangalam Karunya Society, in order to popularize the message of education and literacy among the youth and the illiterate.

The Societies, which are registered under the Travancore-Cochin, Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955, are promoted by Mangalam Group under the ardent efforts of its Founder Chairman, Late M.C.Varghese who had taken keen interest to popularize education, especially literacy among the rural folks in Kerala that has subsequently led to declare Kottayam as a district of 100% literacy in Kerala. Mangalam is now concentrating on PUBLICATION, HEALTH and EDUCATION, which are the three inevitable activities, demanded by the civilized society.

Mangalam as a sole proprietary concern came into being in April 1969 under the initiative of late Mr. M.C Varghese, an extraordinary visionary with social commitment and dedication. The starting was with the publication of a weekly, titled Mangalam. The success of the Mangalam weekly marked the dawn of a new era in the publishing sector in Kerala. Today the Mangalam Group of Companies enjoys a comfortable spacing in one of India’s largest media houses.