Mangalam Management Studies, Mangalam College of Engineering, Ettumanoor is the fastest growing centre for Management education in Kerala State.

The MBA programme shall be structured on a credit- based system following the semester pattern with continuous evaluation. The duration for the MBA programme will normally be 4 semesters.

Every academic year shall have two semesters “1st July to 31st December (Odd semester)” and “1st January to 30thJune (Even semester)”

The academic programme in each semester will consist of course work and field work/ internship. The scheme shall be so drawn up that the minimum number of credits for successful completion of the MBA programme of any specialization is 102 credits with a split up of:

First year (I and II semester): 54 credits

 Second year (III and IV semesters): 40 credits (Course work)

 Internship: 03 credits (Second year)

Project& Comprehensive Viva: 05 credits (Second year)

Total: 102 credits 

The medium of instruction shall be English. All examinations, project, seminar, reports and presentations shall be in English.

All requests/applications from a student or parent to higher offices are to be forwarded/recommended by his/her Faculty Advisor. Students and parents shall first approach their Faculty Advisor for all kinds of advices, clarifications and permissions on all academic matters.

At the end of the semester, examination will be conducted for all courses offered in that semester and will be of three hours duration unless otherwise specified. The major eligibility criteria for the semester examination are attendance in the course and no pending disciplinary action. The minimum attendance for appearing for the semester examination is 75% in each course.

Candidates in each semester shall be evaluated both by Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) and End Semester Examinations (ESE). The ratio of Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) to End Semester Examinations (ESE) for theory courses is 1:1.5

Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE): The Continuous Internal Evaluation shall be on the basis of the day-to-day work, seminar, periodic tests (minimum two in a semester) and assignments (minimum two).

The End Semester Examinations (ESE) shall be held twice in a year – May/June (for even semesters) and November/December (for odd semesters).

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